About you

You are looking for a way out of the chaos of health and fitness information?
You want to feel better, fitter, more balanced, more stress resistant, more self-confident, or you want to loose some weight?
You think it’s possible without starving yourself to death, taking a ton of supplements and exercising as if you are in a bootcamp?

You are right! It’s totally possible…You might even need to do less!  (Read this as an example

But we are surrounded by more disinformation than ever trying to sell us everything on earth that nobody really needs for his or her well-being…

That’s why I love health and fitness, but I don’t like most of the industry.

I’m helping you out of this information jungle. Holistic and structured — simple and with joy. 

About Robin

I’m a sports and exercise scientist and holistic health practitioner. I’ve worked with health & wellness experts in award winning wellness facilities in Europe and Asia, and served students from all over the world. 

Some other things i’ve done:

  • Working for one of the biggest sporting goods manufacturer in Germany
  • Medical exercise therapy (MTT) in a physical rehabilitation centre in Germany
  • Self employed movement & health coach in a gym setting in Germany
  • Fitness Studio manager in a 5 Star Wellness Sanctuary, Holistic Spa & Health Resort in Thailand
  • Working as a movement coach in an interdisciplinary team with naturopaths, tcm doctors, massage therapists, medical doctors, physiotherapists in Thailand and Spain
  • Recreational activities & Individual movement coaching on the RFYL health retreat in Spain

Please see my LinkedIn Profile for more details.

    It was a social tendency while having a disease to maintain the lifestyle and disguise the symptom with medication. Together with other holistic minded health practitioners I support you to find out what really works for you and how to make it a habit.

    Step 1: Be clear about goals, desires and needs.
    Step 2: Training to understand the health process and how stressors affect the body. Identify major obstacles
    Step 3: Making self-determined, purposeful decisions and improving self-awareness
    Step 4: Build a solid foundation.

    The cornerstones are nutrition, rest and relaxation, hydration, movement and psycho-emotional self-management.There is no diagnose or treatment of any disease. Dealing with illnesses is limited to an objective documentation of body reactions and symptoms

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